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Custom-made applications for hotels and restaurants

Innovate with AFTER-MOUSE.COM applications!

Because no two hotels, restaurants or bars are the same, AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers custom-made solutions which adapt to meet everyone's needs. Our experts advise and support you in drawing up your project, always with one aim: to increase your customer numbers and your sales, generate increased customer loyalty, modernize your image and help you offer an unequaled service!

Discover the features of our dedicated applications. There are an infinite range of options that can be adapted to your requirements: the only limit is our imagination!

Groundbreaking new features

Object recognition with Microsoft® Surface®

Your customers can use any tagged object of choice to access information. For example they could put a glass on the unit to access a cocktail creation tool, or a table setting to access your menu, etc. You can also reinforce your loyalty program with customer card recognition. Your customers will be instantly and personally recognized the moment they place their card on the display!

Interactive discovery

Your customers can find out about your company and its branches or affiliates with a simple touch of the finger! They can have access to any information you want, with detailed information pages, photos or even videos.

Making a reservation

Whether to book a restaurant table or hotel room for a future visit, or to sign up for an activity, your customers can make their reservation directly on the touch screen unit. The information is then forwarded to the reception or the appropriate department.

Virtual tourist guide, geolocation for points of interest

As a service to your customers, a tourist guide is available. This lists key visitor destinations and points of interest, with detailed descriptions, using Bing Maps 3-D geolocation software. Planning a day out becomes child's play! This service helps to increase customer satisfaction.

Cocktail creator

Using this unique feature, up to four of your customers together can dream up and create their own cocktail directly on the touch screen unit. The order is then automatically sent to the bar!


Resto'Touch TPC - Actualités

Another service for your customers, providing them with up-to-the-minute information, such as newsfeeds or weather forecasts.

Photo editing

With the photo editor, your customers can view photographs (either existing images or their own personal pictures), edit them directly on the touch screen display and email them or publish them to Facebook.

A wide range of other functionalities can be added on request!

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